About Us

After dabbling into other careers, Dave Mabeus had yet to find his passion. One Alaskan afternoon, Dave found himself looking out the window of his then job, watching sign companies going about their daily business, doing things that Dave wished he could do. So, he decided to create his own sign company, but to set himself apart from his competitors, he was going to do things differently. How was he going to do this? By not just selling by price only. By trying to raise the bar, and maximizing a given budget. With the customer in mind, how was Sign Co going to meet their needs? How can they upgrade the customer presence, and make them successful? Dave decided Sign Co Quality Signs stood for one thing: quality over quantity.

During the summer of 1989, Dave officially created Sign Co in his garage in Eagle River. Realizing that he was on a shoe string budget, Dave borrowed some money from his father so he could buy his 1st boom truck, a truck that he is very proud of.

To date, Sign Co has grown into a family of 15. Not just a company, but a family. Dave and Sign Co continue their customer first mentality all these years later, still pushing quality over quantity.

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